ridetherhythm (2014)

A witty, apocalyptic collision of movement and text inspired by Anne Carson's Antigonick and Todd Haynes' Safe

Featured performers: Jeremy Bannon-Neches, Megan Brian, James Graham, Katharine Hawthorne, Evan Johnson, Tegan Schwab.
Source text: Anne Carson's Antigonick and Todd Haynes' Safe
Costumes: Connie Strayer & Hope Mohr
Dramaturgy: Mark Jackson

ridetherhythm was developed with support from ODC Theater’s Theater Unplugged program, the Converge series at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, and Shotgun Players. 

Writing About Process
everything is music

the syntax of female will

Performance History
Premiere: April 10-13, ODC Theater
Additional performances: Yerba Buena Converge Series, ODC's Theater Unplugged

"[T]ransparent [dances] because of the clarity and intensity that these fabulous dancers brought to their tasks. Their presence burnt itself into your retina and your soul…..ridetherhythm approached pure music in the way fractured language rose into a chorus to retreat again into individual voices… It’s rare that dancers become truly expert at delivering words and movement; Mohr’s troupe was first-rate in both."
--Rita Felciano, “Think Again: Three Provocative Premieres,” S.F. Bay Guardian, April 16, 2014