Precarious is an intimate farewell to a unique historic space, Klockar's Blacksmith Shop in San Francisco. Slated for conversion into a retail storefront in February 2017, Klockar's housed both a working forge and the studio of artist Tracy Taylor Grubbs, with whom Hope Mohr shared a studio practice for several years. 

Through text, movement and music, Precarious (Part 1) (January 2017) activated the space and bore witness to its rich history and uncertain future.   Audiences were limited to 6 people per show. All proceeds went to Drawbridge, an arts program for homeless children.

Precarious (Part 2) (June 2017) was a movement poem inspired by Klockar's performed at CounterPulse.  As part of the performance, in collaboration with public historians at Shaping San Francisco, HMD presented a pre-show labor history walking tour that began at Klockar's and ended at the theater.

Performers: Patrick Barnes, Henry Hung, Suzette Sagisi, Jane Selna, Wiley Naman Strasser, Tara McArthur and Karla Quintero
Designers: Gabe Maxson, David Szlasa, Teddy Hulsker

Photo of HMD dancers Jane Selna and Karla Quintero at Klockar's by Margo Moritz. 


Performance History
Part 1 (premiere) January 28 & 29, 2017, Klockar's Blacksmith Shop, San Francisco
Part 2 (premiere) June 1-3, 2017, CounterPulse, San Francisco
Precarious (excerpts) presented by
CIIS as part of Bodies in Resistance (December 8, 2017);
Northern California Community Loan Fund, 30th Anniversary Celebration (May 26, 2017); and
Yerba Buena Night (October 14, 2017)


"Mohr manages to convey emotional and socio-political contents that just ride underneath the surface of a rigorous vocabulary"
-- Rita Felciano, "Pliable Iron", DanceViewTimes, June 1, 2017

"This year, Hope Mohr Dance marks a huge milestone; a decade of creative collaboration and boundary-pushing art making. "Precarious" - a world premiere co-production with CounterPulse - is a full-length multi-discipline work that uses movement, music, video, visuals and sounds to explore the issue of gentrification and of the live/work space crisis in San Francisco."
-- Heather Desaulniers, Dance Highlights, SF/Arts, June 2017

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