Far From Perfect (2009)

An exploration of forgiveness and the creative process inspired by painter Agnes Martin, an abstract expressionist who wrote extensively about perfection and transformation.  The original performance text, written by Mohr in collaboration with acclaimed poet Brenda Hillman, was nominated for an Isadora Duncan Award.  

“[My] work is about perfection...but the paintings are very far from being perfect—completely removed in fact—even as we are ourselves.” --Agnes Martin

Performance Text: Brenda Hillman and Hope Mohr
Music: William Duckworth (Time/Curve Preludes
Set: David Szlasa.  
Costumes: Jamielynn Duggan

Development of Far From Perfect was supported in part through the Zellerbach Family Fund and Choreographers in Mentorship Exchange, a program of the Margaret Jenkins Dance Company (CHIME) (with mentor Molissa Fenley).

Performance Text

Performance History
Premiere: Theater Artaud, March 4-6, 2010
Additional Performances:
Central Market Arts Festival
San Francisco Conservatory of Dance 
Stanford University