extreme lyric I

Co-produced by ODC Theater



Many credit the Greek poet Sappho with inventing the “lyric I,” a point of view anchored in the first person singular.  Sappho's intimate, private work was ahead of its time in giving voice to individual desire. 

Most of what remains of Sappho's work is fragments. 

How can we accept Sappho's invitation into embodiment? Or have our habits of selfhood closed us off from her vision of freedom? What are the costs of selfhood?  Can we use the "I" to go beyond the small self?

extreme lyric I is inspired by and features Anne Carson's translations of Sappho. The work features an all-female cast and will be performed for small audiences in the round.



Performances October 4-6, 2018, ODC Theater. Shows at 7 and 9 PM. 

Performers: Rose Huey, Tara McArthur, Suzette Sagisi, Jane Selna, Karla Quintero.

Collaborators: Tiffany Amundson, Theodore Hulsker, Tony Shayne, Maxe Crandall

Photo of HMD dancers Jane Selna and Karla Quintero by Margo Moritz. Concept/design Aza Raskin.