Leaving the Atocha Station (2019)
Inspired by the Ben Lerner novel
Presented at Southern Exposure (San Francisco) and Highways Performance Space (Los Angeles)

Stay with me (2018)
Commissioned by Peiling Kao
Premiere in Honolulu, Hawaii
December 7 & 8, 2018

The Exception to the Diagram (2018)
A collaboration with visual artist Matthew Ritchie
Presented by the Moody Center for the Arts
October 27, 2018

Succession (2018)
A collaboration with painter Ranu Mukherjee
Presented by the di Rosa Center for Contemporary Art
October 13, 2018

extreme lyric I (2018)
Inspired by and based on Anne Carson’s translations of Sappho
Co-presented by ODC Theater
October 4-6, 2018

Sanctuary (2017)
A collaboration with painter Ranu Mukherjee
Presented as part of the Sanctuary Exhibit by the For Site Foundation
Fort Mason Chapel
January 26, 2018

Now Not Now (2017)
A collaboration with painter Ranu Mukherjee
Presented by Gallery Wendi Norris
June 29, 2017

Precarious (2017)
Inspired by the last industrial blacksmith shop in San Francisco
Co-presented by Counterpulse
June 1-3, 2017

Manifesting (2016)
Dance theater inspired by artist manifestos.
Presented by ODC Theater.
June 9-11, 2016

Stay (2015)
A response to painter Francis Bacon
Co-produced with ODC Theater as part of HMD’s home season
May 28-31, 2015

The Material of Attention (2015)
Collaboration with christian Burns
Co-produced with ODC Theater as part of HMD’s home season
May 28-31, 2015

Antigonick (2015)
Co-directed with Mark Jackson for Shotgun Players

The Slow Line  (2014)
Free public performance art installation in collaboration with visual artist Tracy Taylor Grubbs.

s(oft is) hard (2014)
Solo for Peiling Kao.

each repetition a difference (2014)
Commission for Conservatory of Contemporary Dance Arts

Notes Toward a Supreme Fiction (2014)
Investigation of improvisation in collaboration with live jazz musicians.

ridetherhythm (2014)
Collision of spoken word and deconstructed, emotionally powerful movement inspired by Anne Carson’s Antigonick and Todd Haynes’ movie Safe 

Route 20 (2014)
Visceral trio exploring tension between sexual desire and romantic love

metrics of intimacy (2013)
Collaboration with Christian Burns and David Szlasa investigating performance of shared improvisational practice.

aftermath (2013)
Ensemble piece loosely inspired by Anne Carson’s Antigonick created for ODC Theater’s Theater Unplugged series.

Failure of the Sign is the Sign (2013)
Commissioned work for ODC Theater exploring the moment when we learn to speak as a transition into selfhood.

the string without the bow (2013)
Commissioned work for Lines Ballet/Dominican University BFA program to Shostakovich’s String Quartet No. 7 in F -Sharp Minor.

Vertex (Point of Choice)  (2013)
Commissioned work for Stanford University to the music of Dohi Moon and inspired by principles of game theory.

The Missing Piece (2013)
Solo for military veteran as part of VA Hospital-sponsored festival celebrating the healing power of creativity.

Traces (2012)
Installation in collaboration with painter Tracy Taylor Grubbs exploring the intersection of visual art and the body, and the intersections between artmaking and awareness.

Reluctant Light (2012)
30-minute ensemble work to the music of Helen Money exploring states of surrender through interactions with empty rectangular forms.

Plainsong (2012)
“A fragile meditation,” this spare solo incorporates a set of red yarn by Katrina Rodabaugh and is inspired by the figure of Penelope in The Odyysey.

The Unsayable (2011)
Bringing together military veterans and dancers to explore personal stories through movement and text.  Original music by Paul Haas.

Far From Perfect (2010)
Mohr’s “best work yet” (S.F. Bay Guardian).  Nominated for an Isadora Duncan Dance Award, this emotionally charged exploration of forgiveness featured poetry by Brenda Hillman, the music of William Duckworth, and design by David Szlasa.

A Fine Romance (2009)
Commissioned duet for Montalvo Arts Center Summer Gala to live jazz violin.

The Force that Drives the Flower (2009)
Evening-length re-telling of the myth of Demeter and Persephone; set by environmental designer Zakary Zide features dirt and moss with which the dancers interact.  Music blends Igor Stravinsky’s Concerto in D and original score by Paul Fowler.

The Grief Room (2008)
Solo inspired by Trisha Brown’s Locus.

salto ergo sum (2008)
Site-specific Stanford Lively Arts Commission

Moments of Being (2008)
Quintet for men and women that weaves listening-based improvisation and classical vocabulary to a soundscape of found sound and Bach.

Under the skin (2007)
Dancers and community performers move through a tapestry of video and text exploring medical imagery of the female body. A Stanford Dance Division commission made possible through the generous support of the Michelle Clayman Institute for Gender Research and the Patrick Suppes Center for the Interdisciplinary Study of Science and Technology.

The Language of the Listening Body (2006)
Culmination of a residency with the Interdisciplinary Laboratory for Art, Nature and Dance (iLAND) in collaboration with Acoustic Ecologist Michelle Nagai. Public soundwalk events in Manhattan and Long Island City with dancers and members of the general public explored listening and movement in the urban environment.

Elision (2006/2008)
An ensemble work based on the somatic experience of memory.  Music: Somei Satoh
Premiere: American College Dance Festival
Made possible by the Stanford University Dance Division, Mary Edith Clifford Award for Alumni Choreography.

More awake when dreaming (2005)
A poetic physical theater piece explores identity as collapsible fiction. Through a collage of spoken word, energetic state, and inventive movement, the piece takes a wry look at the stories we tell ourselves.
Premiere: Movement Research at Judson Church, New York City

Allow me to say goodbye (2005)
Made through the use of aleatory procedures, this quintet explores themes of distance and desire through falling and receding figures. Music: Score four by Carolyn Chen, Matthew Czinger, Elizabeth Luvada Donald, Jeffrey Trevino
Premiere: Encounter:Merce, Stanford University
Made possible through a Stanford Lively Arts commission.

Point of Departure (1999)
Solo. Music: Michael Schumacher
Premiere: Merce Cunningham Studio

Kandinsky Phrases (1999)
Premiere: Merce Cunningham Studio

Sister (1994)
Premiere: ODC Theater, ODC Pilot 13