Collaboration with Visual Artist Danae Mattes and Composer Henry Threadgill

This collaboration with Danae Mattes (visual artist), Hope Mohr (modern dance choreographer), and Henry Threadgill (jazz musician and composer) will result in a multimedia performance where moving bodies, music and live sculpture merge to create an immersive environment. The project is inspired by Mattes’ Evaporation Pool series of clay and water. As part of the creative process, one of Mattes’ Evaporation Pools will be photographed extensively. These images will then be projected into the performance space to create an immersive environment in which the dancers and musicians interact. In addition to projected imagery of her sculpture, Mattes will create an Evaporation Pool in real time as part of the live performance.

In creating her Evaporation Pools, Danae Matthes’ only tools are her hands.  She creates a basin of clay into which she pours various elements, including water, liquid clay, and pigment. As saturation and sedimentation occur inside the basin, one can observe on a small scale what occurs on a larger scale on the surface of the earth. It's geologic process as visual art.

Experimental jazz musician Henry Threadgill and his ensemble of 11 musicians will perform alongside an ensemble of dancers. Mohr’s choreography will be based on Threadgill's approach to rhythmic design, on Mattes’ interactions with materials (pouring, hanging, sinking, tossing), on the raw materials of the sculpture itself (dust, powder, clay, pigment), and on geologic processes.

This collaboration is supported by the Montalvo Arts Center.

Photos by Danae Mattes