Above: Photo credit (L to R): Featured artists in the 2017 Bridge Project, Radical Movements: Maryam Rostami by Robbie Sweeney, boychild by Matthew Stone, and Lisa Evans by Sonjai Megette.


The Bridge Project approaches curating as a form of community organizing to facilitate equity-driven cultural conversations.  The Bridge Project creates a creative commons through three programs:


"The Bridge Project is a small ray of hope in a troubled world. Creating spaces for debate, dissent, connection and collaboration, the Bridge Project offers a model for how to build arts community."     --Jack Halberstam (Columbia University Professor of English and Comparative Literature, Author of The Queer Art of Failure, Featured Participant in 2017 Bridge Project: Radical Movements)

"Mohr's politics around curation seeks to address imbalances between 'established' and 'emerging' artists ... Her programming continues to ask how to build a 'we' in performance that includes audiences in the conversation." --Michelle LaVigne and Megan Nicely, “Curating Dialogue: The Bridge Project’s Radical Movements,” TDR: The Drama Review 62:4 (TD40) Winter 2018

“[The Bridge Project] annually recruits the prime movers of American postmodernism”
– S.F. Chronicle

“HMD’s Bridge Project fills a critical gap in the artistic and intellectual life of the Bay Area dance community by honoring the past and giving context to the present through its remarkable annual series of guest artists and events.” 
-- Stanford University's Dr. Janice Ross

“The Bridge Project goes beyond Mohr's work as choreographer and artistic director to lead processes often executed by performing arts presenters and venues.”
-- Julie Potter, ODC Theater Director

"Every engagement I’ve had with the Bridge Project, whether as choreographer, performer, or audience member, has presented beautiful and potent unknowingness."
--Maurya Kerr, Choreographer and Performer, Member of the artist cohort in Julie Tolentino's 2017 Community Engagement Residency and in the 2015 Bridge Project, Rewriting Dance

"Hope Mohr Dance and Bridge Project create absolutely vital and much-needed discourse for Dance and Performance in the Bay Area and beyond. To have my artistic work included as an integral part of that discourse has been and will continue to be deeply valuable to me." 
-Monique Jenkinson, Featured Artist in 2017 Bridge Project, Radical Movements

"I see the Bridge Project as a counter-balance to th[e] propensity towards isolation [in the Bay Area]. It keeps us connected and aware of a broader history and larger artistic community.  Its facilitators provide artists with tools and a space to deepen their understanding of their own artistic inclinations and intent. I suspect that this rigor and clarity with respect to intent increases our potential to engage in meaningful exchanges outside our immediate community." 
--Karla Quintero, Participant in the 2016 Bridge Project: Ten Artists Respond to Locus

“What the Bridge Project is offering is unparalleled in the Bay Area and deeply important…arts programs are not curated like this anywhere else.”
--Artist and Workshop Participant Margit Galanter


Rashaun Mitchell & Silas Riener (2019) Signals from the West
Thomas DeFrantz (2019) Dancing Around Race
Barbara Bryan (2018) Dancing Around Race
Aruna D’Souza (2018) Dancing Around Race
Gerald Casel  (2018 Community Engagement Residency Lead Artist)
Netta Yerushalmy (2018) Paramodernities
Thomas DeFrantz (2018) Paramodernities
Maxe Crandall (2018) Paramodernities
Jos Lavery (2018) Paramodernities
David Kishik (2018) Paramodernities
Jennifer Brody (2018) Paramodernities
Claudia La Rocco (2018) Paramodernities
Peacock Rebellion (2017) Radical Movements: Gender and Politics in Performance
Maryam Rostami (2017) Radical Movements: Gender and Politics in Performance
Monique Jenkinson (2017) Radical Movements: Gender and Politics in Performance
Judith Butler (2017) Radical Movements: Gender and Politics in Performance
boychild (2017) Radical Movements: Gender and Politics in Performance
Jack Halberstam (2017) Radical Movements: Gender and Politics in Performance
Becca Blackwell (2017) They, Themself, and Schmerm
Julie Tolentino (2017 Community Engagement Residency Lead Artist)  
Miguel Gutierrez (2017 Teaching Artist) Making Work
Diane Madden/Trisha Brown Dance Company (2016)  Ten Artists Respond to Locus  
Gerald Casel (2016)  Ten Artists Respond to Locus  
Xandra Ibarra (2016)  Ten Artists Respond to Locus  
Gregory Dawson (2016)  Ten Artists Respond to Locus  
Larry Arrington (2016)  Ten Artists Respond to Locus  
Peiling Kao (2016)  Ten Artists Respond to Locus  
Amy Foote (2016)  Ten Artists Respond to Locus  
Cheryl Leonard (2016)  Ten Artists Respond to Locus  
Affinity Project (2016)  Ten Artists Respond to Locus  
Frances Richard (2016)  Ten Artists Respond to Locus  
Tracy Taylor Grubbs (2016)  Ten Artists Respond to Locus  
Chrysa Parkinson (2016 Teaching Artist) Performers and Authorship
Deborah Hay (2015) A Continuity of Discontinuity
Alva Noe (2015) See me if you can!
Michele Steinwald (2015) Reorganizing Ourselves
Jeanine Durning (2015 Teaching Artist) inging & what we do when we do the thing we do before we know what we are doing
Maurya Kerr (2015) Talk the Walk
Jenny Stulberg/Lauren Simpson (2015) Still Life No. 4
Maureen Whiting (2015) Talk the Walk
Megan Nicely (2015) Talk the Walk
Simone Forti (2014) News Animation
Anna Halprin (2014) The Courtesan and The Crone
Lucinda Childs (2014) Carnation (performed by Hope Mohr)
Stephanie Skura (2014 Teaching Artist) Open Source Forms
Susan Rethorst (2013 Teaching Artist) Behold Bold Sam Dog
Dusan Tynek (2012) Transparent Walls and Base Pairs
Liz Gerring (2011) She Dreams in Code
Molissa Fenley (2010) Mass Balance
Yvonne Rainer (2010) Trio A (performed by Hope Mohr and Robbie Cook)


Funding for the Bridge Project has come from the NEA, San Francisco Arts Commission, California Arts Council, San Francisco's Grants for the Arts, Kenneth Rainin Foundation, Sakana Foundation,  Center for Cultural Innovation, and generous individual donors.