2016 Spring Teaching Artist Chrysa Parkinson: Performers and Authorship Workshop

This workshop engaged participants with "submerged fictions, performance modes and movement through physical performance practices." Mornings focused on movement scores and the afternoons involved memory, discussion, writing and reading in relation to the mornings’ work. Parkinson considered participants' experience as performers as: "an ongoing series of events: looping back, rebuilding, erasing, uncovering, disenchanting, replacing, and stumbling into unknown territory."  She continues: "A performer represents or produces temporary roles and identities as part of a contained continuity – their own experiential authorship. This type of authorship is not necessarily progressive, doesn't necessarily improve or devolve. It has plasticity. It's a continuity that accepts and resists form, folds and swells, is flexible and forceful."  Over twenty participants engaged with Parkinson over a two-day period Saturday and Sunday February 13 & 14, 11-4 PM.

Interview with Eleanor Bauer on Dancer as Agent Collection