"dance of darkness: a performance, a conversation, a rehearsal for the future" boychild/Jack Halberstam - Bridge Project 2017

Precarious (2017) Highlight Reel

Bridge Project 2016: Ten Artists Respond to "Locus" (highlights)

2016 Bridge Project: Ten Artists Respond to "Locus"

Manifesting (2016) Highlight Reel

Manifesting (2016) Promo

Stay (2015) Highlights
I was drawn to painter Francis Bacon's commitment to subverting narrative in his creative process through the use of "free marks"-- throwing paint and other improvisational procedures designed to bring chaos into an otherwise carefully composed canvas. I'm also drawn to the co-existence, in Bacon's work, of formal composition and difficult subject matter. Rather than recreate Bacon's imagery, Stay echoes the impact of a Bacon painting: visceral punch, emotional disturbance. 


Anne Carson’s ANTIGONICK for Shotgun Players, co-directed by Hope Mohr and Mark Jackson


Community salon portion of Reorganizing Ourselves, presented by Hope Mohr Dance's 2015 Bridge Project: Rewriting Dance.  Reorganizing Ourselves consisted of performative lectures by choreographer Deborah Hay and philosopher Alva Noë discussing perception, consciousness, and the links between art and science.  The program concluded with this salon-style discussion with audience members, facilitated by dance curator Michèle Steinwald. 


s(oft is)hard (2014)
S(oft is)hard continues my interest in writing as part of choreographic thinking. Starting at age nine, I kept a journal to hear my own voice. Journaling is a form of repetition, but also change: at some point, I no longer needed it. My last journal dates to 2000, when I landed my first contract with a professional dance company. As I birthed a public identity as an artist, a private writing self became less necessary. The process of making s(oft is)hard involved sifting through 89 journals spanning twenty years. I kept the first and last, but the rest went into the recycling bin.  -Hope Mohr


Highlights from the 2014 Bridge Project 

For the fifth anniversary of its Bridge Project, Hope Mohr Dance, in association with the Joe Goode Annex, presented Have We Come A Long Way, Baby?, a program dedicated to the West Coast post-modern dance lineage. In addition to performances, programming included this panel discussion on the relationship of dance history to contemporary work moderated by Stanford University dance historian Dr. Janice Ross in conversation with Anna Halprin, Simone Forti, and Hope Mohr. Sept. 27, 2014 at the Joe Goode Annex, San Francisco.


ridetherhythm (2014) Highlights

2014 Repertory Highlights