Photo of Julie Tolentino by Aldo Hernandez.  Courtesy of the artist. 

Photo of Julie Tolentino by Aldo Hernandez.  Courtesy of the artist. 

Julie Tolentino, The Hard Corps

HMD is pleased to launch the Community Engagement Residency, funded in part by the California Arts Council Artists Activating Communities program, to provide sanctuary and creative opportunity for artists who identify as coming from the margins.  

The 2017 Community Engagement Resident artist is Julie Tolentino.  For a full year, HMD is supporting Tolentino in working intensively with a small cohort of artists, selected by Tolentino herself, to share art practices, investigate ideas of sanctuary, precarity and advocacy, and create new work. Artists participating in The Hard Corps include Maurya Kerr, Amara Tabor Smith, Xandra Ibarra, and Larry Arrington. 

As part of their year-long engagement, Tolentino and The Hard Corps will show in-process exploration and offer a public discussion with Tolentino's long-term colleagues, Debra Levine and Scot Nakagawa. This unique event, part of the 2017 Bridge Project, Radical Movements, is Sunday November 12 at the Joe Goode Annex (Performance Installation 4-7 PM; Discussion 7-8 PM; Reception 8 PM).

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